Made from plant-based ingredients

No aluminum or other harsh chemicals

Full-body deodorant protection

The Smell Good Life, Be Free to Be You!

Our mission is quite simple; to create healthy, chemical free products that allow you to enjoy a confident and carefree life! Odor, whether it be body, breath, underarm, foot or that um, special area, can be a pain in the butt! It can make you self-conscious and instead of thinking about more important things, you're constantly doing the sniff-test.  

At The Smell Good Co., we believe that if you smell good, you feel good. If you don't have to worry about 'those' things, then you're free to be yourself. You can walk into any room and know 'those things' aren't going to stop you from living your best life!

Plant-Based Deodorant Alternatives

From the beginning our philosophy has always been, NO to harsh chemicals. Through science, research and some trial-and-error, we developed our proprietary Body Mint formula using only healthy, plant-based ingredients.

This was over 20 years ago. Today Body Mint is sold around the world and is recognized as a top quality deodorant tablet that effectively reduces breath, underarm, body, foot and 'down there' odor.

Not Like Other Chlorophyll Products...

Proprietary Formula

Our formula was developed over 3 years with 9 different formulations tested to ensure we produced the most effective product on the market

Our Chlorophyll Rocks

Not all chlorophyll is the same. Our blend uses specific plants which we've found to be most effective for helping you to smell perfect!

Strict Quality Control

We conduct extensive microbial, heavy-metal and mold testing pre and post production on every batch of product that we make to ensure efficacy and freshness!

100mg of Chlorophyll... Per Tablet!

Each tablet of Body Mint have AT LEAST 100mg of our proprietary chlorophyll in each green tablet! Studies have shown that optimum deodorant properties require around 200mg of chlorophyll per day. Most similar products contain far less per serving.

How Body Mint Works

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Every order plants a tree!

Smell Good Co. | 100% Satisfaction Promise

We stand by our products! If you are not satisfied with the results for any reason, we will refund you, no questions asked!

See what our customers think!

"I heard about body mint through my sister who couldn't use deodorant. So I decided to let my husband try it. Why I was so surprised when I took a sniff of his shirt after a very hot day. It had no smell, I could even smell the fabric softener. It was amazing to have a product that actually works. Thanks Body Mint"
- Kamaka
"Back in 2008 I developed an allergy to an ingredient common in all over-the counter available deodorants meaning I couldn't use any of them. If I did, the skin of my underarms dried out cracked and the itchiness was simply maddening...and I couldn't stop scratching it which only made things more miserable! A couple of years later I found and tried this product and never looked back. It's currently one of only two products I use and it does the trick for me. I so love this stuff!"
- Bonnie
"I bought this for some one very close to me cause she suffers form severe body odor and extremely bad breath. Since I bought this product for her I can readily say she can go out in society without being worried of how people react to her bad breath and body odor. Thank you so much for your product. I really appreciate it."
- Olga
"I have used body mint for months.I can sweat in Texas weather and don't breath is always good...ran out and didn't have any for a month and I could immediately tell the difference!"
- Diane
"I have finally found a solution to underarm odor that works! I have tried every deodorant that claims to last all day, botox and even essential oils and none of these seem to last all day. Body Mint was an amazing find and I feel less self conscious about my body."
- Megan
"I wish this stuff existed when I was in Highschool 13 yrs ago! I found this in 2013 & I've been a customer ever since I love it! Sometimes I forget to put on deodorant & I don't smell like BO. It really works for me, I use it along with deodorant & I smell so fresh I never have to worry about being stinky. Trust me BO is not cute if you can smell your own armpits trust me others can too , thank goodness this exists!"
- Evelyn


Over 20 Years of Hygiene Expertise

Since 1997 we've been pioneers in the healthy hygiene market. First as Hawaiian Organics, and now as The Smell Good Co., we are committed to creating products that enhance your life without the use of harsh chemicals. Our flagship product, Body Mint, has been loved for 20 years by people around the world. Body Mint has gained national and international attention in both TV and print media outlets across the globe!

The Smell Good Co. | Tree Initiative


Let's be honest, trees are awesome. They help to sustain birds and animals, they provide materials for many of the things we use every day, they provide delicious little treats that we enjoy eating and most importantly, they help to clean the air we breathe.
Yet everyday an estimated 2.47 MILLION trees are cut down. Let that sink in for a moment... 2.47 MILLION.
We at The Smell Good Co. have partnered with ONETREEPLANTED and have pledged to donate a portion of every sale to help plant more trees. We want to do our part in helping to make this world a cleaner, better smelling world not just for us, but for future generations as well.
So with that in mind, take comfort in knowing that if you buy a product from The Smell Good Co, you're not just investing into a healthier, better smelling you, but also a cleaner, better smelling world... starting with one tree at a time.