The Smell Good Co. | Tree Initiative


Let's be honest, trees are awesome.  They help to sustain birds and animals, they provide materials for many of the things we use every day, they provide delicious little treats that we enjoy eating and most importantly, they help to clean the air we breath.


Yet everyday an estimated 2.47 MILLION trees are cut down.  Let that sink in for a moment... 2.47 MILLION.


We at The Smell Good Co. have pledged donate a portion of every sale to help plant more trees.  We want to do our part in helping to make this world a cleaner, better smelling world not just for us, but for future generations as well.
So with that in mind, take comfort in knowing that if you buy a product from The Smell Good Co, you're not just investing into a healthier, better smelling you, but also a cleaner, better smelling world... starting with one tree at a time.