The Smell Good Co. Roll-On deodorant provides safe, reliable and effective underarm deodorant protection without the use of harsh chemicals.

Smell Good, Naturally!

Odor absorption properties ensure you're always smelling fresh, clean and confident!

Aluminum & Paraben Free!

Our all-natural deodorant is actually 100% ALL-NATURAL.

You won't find anything in our roll-on that sound like they belong on the periodic table! We use simple ingredients with your body and your health in mind!

Great For Sensitive Skin

Our plant-based oils and probiotic ingredients make our deodorant ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

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Coconut Oil - Also known as coconut butter, it’s known for it’s antimicrobial and moisturizing properties… great for sensitive skin and for keeping you smelling fresh as a tropical breeze! Our coconut oil is certified organic too!

Baking Soda - Sourced naturally, baking soda is great for both it's moisture absorbing and odor neutralizing properties! Also, there’s less worry about baking soda irritating your skin because we add Lactobacillus Ferment probiotics in our formula to balance out the higher pH of baking soda, creating a more gentle but effective deodorant for even the most sensitive skin! Together with many skin soothing botanicals, we minimize any negatives from baking soda but keep the positives!

Corn Starch - Certified organic and gentle. Used as a binding agent to keep all the other ingredients together and happy!

Candelilla Wax - Made from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub, it's highly regarded for its skin soothing and moisturizing properties.

Organic Jojoba Oil - Certified organic. With its healing and cleansing properties, Jojoba oil is known throughout many cultures for treating difficult skin conditions. Our roll-on glides on light and easy and non-greasy.

Lactobacillus Ferment - A natural probiotic wonder that naturally boots out nasty odor causing bacteria and helps grow the good bacteria which create a healthy and balanced microflora under your pits. You get good-smelling pits!



Safe, Pure Ingredients

Aluminum free, paraben free and yucky chemical free! We believe that what goes on your body goes into it as well. Our deodorant is 100% natural for 0% worries!

Sensitive Skin Smart

Our deodorant is formulated to optimize and balance your underarm pH using only natural ingredients and skin conditioners. The results are silky-smooth, great smelling underarms!

Smell... GOOD!

Bottom line, you need your deodorant to de-odor. We got you covered! The Smell Good Co. all-natural deodorant provides powerful, safe and gentle underarm protection when you need it most!



Along with a healthier YOU, we at The Smell Good Co. are passionate about a healthier planet! We've started our global tree initiative and have pledged to donate a portion of every order towards planting more beautiful, big trees!

Every day millions of tress are cut down to make room for agriculture or for their wood. This has extremely harmful effects on the entire environment. From the air we breathe to the dirt in the ground, trees play a crucial role in keeping our planet healthy and beautiful!

Our goal is to help plant 1 million new trees! With your help we can do it together and help to make the world a cleaner, healthier & greener place to live!

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