Roll-on and spray deodorants are the same; they work by attacking surface bacteria. As you know these bacteria eat certain compounds found in sweat and like us, what goes in must come out. These bacterial emissions are what causes body and other types of odor. The problem is, sometimes the ingredients used to do that can be harsh on your skin or simply aren't good for you. In addition, they can leave a filmy, sticky feeling or get all over your clothes... gross!


At the Smell Good Company, we get to the root of the issue! The source of things like BO, bad breath and smelly feet start INSIDE YOUR BODY. Whether produced naturally by the body or consumed from external sources like food, odor compounds try to escape. They do so via any opening they can including sweat glands, your mouth and your private parts. In addition, THIS is what surface bacteria feed on causing even more odor.

Body Mint Woman ABSORBS & NEUTRALIZES these compounds BEFORE they can escape & BEFORE they can be a bacterial buffet for those little skin surface dwellers!


We know deodorants. We've been doing this for over 20 years! Our proprietary formula was perfected over a 3 year period. We tested NINE different formulations until we got the ONE that was perfect! The magic is in the ingredients and how we put them all together. It starts with naturally sourced and pesticide free CLINICAL GRADE chlorophyll from very specific plants. We then combine the special chlorophll derivative with other carefully chosen ingredients using OUR heat-sensitive, manufacturing method. In addition we do extensive pre AND post antimicrobial and heavy metal testing on EVERY batch of Body Mint.

The result... a plant-based deodorant of the highest quality that is guaranteed to give you the best possible deodorant protection from head to toe!


No Subscriptions • No Long Term Commitment

From Your Head to Your Feet & Everything In Between


When we say total, we mean TOTAL BODY DEODORANT PROTECTION! Our unique and proven formula is designed for active men and women, and works to keep your underams, your breath, your feet and your privates all smelling great, day and night!

All-Natural, Plant Based Formula


Body Mint Sport is plant-based and made from only the highest quality ingredients. NO aluminum, NO parabens and NO harsh chemicals. But make no mistake, we perfected our formula to provide every bit of the smell good protection you need!

Works From the Inside Out


Stop using messy creams or yucky goo that leave sticky residue or unwanted stains on your skin and clothes. Body Mint Sport is non-topical and works by neutralizing odor causing compounds from within.

Body Mint Sport is a dietary supplement tablet.  Taken twice a day, it works to remove odor causing compounds that cause things like BO, bad breath, and foot odor.

Tablet? Yes, ABSOLUTELY!

What causes odor will never change. What has changed is how it's taken care of! Unlike topical deodorants, Body Mint Sport is able to hit odor at its source!  Cut down a weed and it'll grow back. Hit the root and problem solved!


Odor Compounds Stink!

Odor causing compounds are the root of all odor. They are produced naturally by our bodies or from things we eat.


When They Get Loose...

When these little stinkers get out via our pores, sweat glands, breath and any other opening, that is what causes us to smell. To make matters worse, surface bacteria feed on them and produce more odors.

Oh No You Don't!

Body Mint works by actually trapping, absorbing and neutralizing these odor causing compounds before they escape! Surface bacteria have nothing to eat and thus no odor!

A regular deodorant reduces odor and it..., it... well that's about it. Wouldn't it be great if it did more?

Make no mistake, Body Mint Sport IS A DEODORANT. Not in the traditional roll-on or spray way, but it is a deodorant in EVERY SENSE of the word. It well... prevents you from smelling. No different in that regard. But it is also SO MUCH more!

Our active ingredient is a Chlorophyll based derivative. Chlorophyll is renown for it's detoxification properties and is a powerful source of antioxidants. In other words, it's just super duper healthy for your body! And if that wasn't enough, chlorophyll is known for its skin beautification properties.

Smell great, do something healthy for your body AND get clearer skin. Believe it!

Body Mint has been in business for over 20 YEARS! We've over a million bottles to satisfied customers from London, to New York to Japan and everywhere in between! Why? Because our customers know they are getting a quality product with proven results and a proven track record!

From the day we were featured on CNN 20 years ago until today, nothing has changed. We still strive more than ever to provide the highest quality product with the best results. And we back it with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Promise! If you're not happy, we aren't either!