Body Mint vs Body Odor

April 5th, 2020

Body Mint vs. Body Odor


Body Odor is a combination of a complex mixture of volatile organic compounds( VOCs) in our body, the number of sweat gland we have, the kind of bacteria in and on our bodies and even what we eat. However, no matter the complexities involved, B.O. simply boils down to embarrassment, constant worry and even negative feelings about oneself! Don’t worry...Body Mint is the answer you’ve been looking for.

What's the Deal with B.O.?

Body Odor is personal to each, like a odor fingerprint…not all are alike and most are certainly not a result of bad hygiene or any kind of disease condition in most cases. As long as you shower daily…it’s not on you! Body Odor is just an everyday human condition. This can be quite frustrating for most people in modern society. It is thought that this stank that we now all try to cover up and wash off daily came in handy tens of thousands of years ago when we were primates that depended on smell to not only find one another to mate but to recognize an array of scents that meant something. Our sweat glands mainly located in our armpits and our nether regions are partly responsible for the dreaded B.O. and these glands don’t develop until we are in puberty and are able to reproduce so that’s why we start using deodorants in middle school!

Body Mint can Help!

Turns out that a sulfur-like product is emitted through our sweat glands and interact with skin bacteria…something we all recognize as B.O. Sulfur containing compounds are even formed from foods we eat such as onions, garlic, meat, lentils, cruciferous veggies and even eggs. We can’t stop eating! We can’t stop sweating as this is the body’s natural way of releasing toxins.

And we can’t live in a bubble where no bacteria exits. But we can look for things that help reduce body odors in this elaborate mixture of volatile organic compounds we metabolize.

Body Mint’s plant-based formula helps to sequester odor causing compounds in the gut naturally and helps to neutralize them before being excreted through your sweat and breath. Yes, Body Mint not only gives you fresh underarms but also gives you fresh breath and sweet smelling feet too! As with most holistic formulas that are derived from plants, there is a long history of benefits that naturally work with your body.

The chlorophyll rich ingredients that Body Mint is derived from have been known for decades in the area of body odor and can be derived from just about any plant rich in chlorophyll.

Body Mint perfected our formulation over 3 years and 9 formulations in R & D using special greens to produce it's chlorophyllin as well as a proprietary manufacturing process that creates a powerful little green tablet that works throughout the day and we have a 20 year track record of satisfied customers to prove it. Our greens are Non-GMO and pesticide free!

Be a Body Minter, worry less, feel more confident about your hygiene and smell great!

Body Mint Original - 60 tablets


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