The Stinky Feet Solution

Why do we have foot odor?  Because the foot has the most sweat glands than any other part of your body.  When your foot sweats, this sweat mixes with the bacteria naturally found on your feet, and creates a perfect storm and the perfect damp environment for those funky odors to grow and emanate from your feet or shoes where these bacteria are happily, abundant.  Problem is, YOU are not happy with the foot odor!

Body Mint will naturally absorb and neutralize the odor causing compounds in your body before the bacteria has a chance to find it and interact with it causing those foul odors.  So when your feet sweat, you can sweat sweetly!  Yes, sweat sweetly and that also goes for your underarms and the rest of your sweaty body…that is why we called our 20 year old product, Body Mint because it is like a mint for your whole body…not just your feet!  You are really getting many products all in one so if you were looking for an effective, plant-based deodorant…you get that too with great smelling feet!

If we could go barefoot all day, foot odor wouldn’t be as much of a problem because our feet wouldn’t sweat as much but we can’t all live at the beach all day!  Whether you work in steel toe boots or high heels all day or just play sports, go for a run or the gym for a few hours in sneakers, you most likely have foot odor issues.  It’s human but it’s embarrassing too!  So lets fix it!  Easy…simple and healthy!  Just two, plant-based dietary supplements a day and foot odors will be thing of the past for you.  Get some Body Mint today and experience what so many of our customers love about Body Mint…no more embarrassing situations with that foul foot odor!

Body Mint ORIGINAL 60ct 

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