Let’s be frank, feminine odor is not fun.  We can’t feel as attractive or be as sexually uninhibited as we would like if we don’t like how we smell down there. It is something we women rarely talk about even with each other.


The vast array of vaginal odors not associated with any diseases can be caused by a number of things but odors from a pungent musky odor to a fermented or foul odor can be caused from simply being stressed to an out of balance vaginal microbiome to something as simple as everyday foods you eat that end up as various chemical compounds in your vaginal secretions and sweat glands around nether regions.


We take care of our private parts, we wash, we maintain our hygiene but sometimes, we just don’t like how our vagina smells! 


Science has most recently been finding that many unpleasant vaginal odors not associated with any disease can be attributed to the overall health and makeup of your vaginal microbiome.  The delicate balance of the vaginal microbiome can be altered by daily activities such as sexual activity, age, usage of lubricants, douches and antibiotics to dampness and diet.  


Help is here!  Body Mint Woman.  No need for difficult douches, messy gels or topical feminine deodorants!  With Body Mint Woman, just two, tiny, plant-based tablets a day…one in the morning and one at night and forget those uncomfortable moments.  Whether it is just for you and your comfort or to avoid embarrassing intimate moments, Body Mint Woman will make feminine odor a thing of the past.  Body Mint Woman was formulated specifically for women and feminine odor.  Body Mint Woman is simply a plant-based dietary supplement that naturally works within your body to absorb and neutralize odor causing compounds that can result in embarrassing vaginal odors.  Try it, your hoo haa will like it and you will love how you smell!


Body Mint WOMAN 60ct 


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